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The Finest Occasions to Commerce Foreign exchange in South Africa


The Foreign exchange market has a novel construction which units it other than different belongings. For instance, fairness markets have exact open and shutting occasions. The Johannesburg Inventory Change (JSE), for instance, is lively Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to five PM South African Commonplace Time (GMT +02:00). So, whereas there’s a clear reply to the query “what time does the JSE open?”, the reply isn’t so clear in relation to Foreign exchange. Forex is open 24/5, which is nice for merchants who wish to place trades earlier than work or on the finish of their day. However this begs the query: what time does Forex open in South Africa?

Overview of Foreign exchange Buying and selling Occasions

The truth that Forex trades across the clock from Monday to Friday means there isn’t an “official” open and shut of enterprise in each nation. For merchants in all nations, Forex closes on Friday at 17:00 EST and it opens on Monday morning in Wellington, which is 22:00 EST on Sunday evening. The time period “Foreign exchange Market Hours” or “Foreign exchange Buying and selling Occasions” merely signifies the occasions this five-day interval throughout which merchants can Open/Shut positions and speculate on the value motion of foreign money pairs.

A great way to consider Forex is to divide the buying and selling day into 3 classes which characterize the primary cash “facilities”: Asia, Europe, North America. Every “heart” has its personal “character” as a result of goals and goals of market contributors lively at numerous occasions.

For instance, liquidity is poorest in the course of the Asian session (which encompasses Wellington, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and mainland China) and as a result of shut connections between economies, there isn’t any want to spark volatility.

Liquidity picks up in the course of the European morning as Frankfurt begins buying and selling however extra so when London opens. Liquidity is far deeper in Europe as a result of historic significance of varied monetary hubs on the continent (Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, and to a sure extent Milan) and within the UK (London). Lastly, after the Asian and European markets open, North America comes on-line and brings with it the deepest pool of liquidity. This implies massive funds can take care of much less slippage; the Canadian and Latin America markets additional add to the liquidity pool.


The chart above highlights this dynamic properly, with the Common True Vary and the Fee of Change of the ATR utilized to an hourly EUR/USD chart. Discover the common cycles: volatility begins to rise as London opens up, peaks, and begins to say no after the North American markets open, lastly bottoming out in the course of the Asian session.

One approach to “superb tune” your abilities and adapt to the assorted cash facilities is to make use of an 8-hour rolling pivot. The rationale is straightforward: if worth is buying and selling above the pivot, sentiment for that session is interpreted as “bullish”; if worth is buying and selling under the pivot, sentiment is interpreted as “bearish”.


This doesn’t imply it is best to commerce the breaks of the pivot. As a substitute, merely use it as a “bias” or information: use your technical alerts on the 1Min to 5Min charts consistent with that bias. A few examples are illustrated under.

AUD/JPY Rolling Pivot

AUD/JPY Bullish Divergence

Influence of Daylight Financial savings Time (DST)

Whereas it’s true that Foreign currency trading will be finished 24 hours a day, 5 days every week, there’s a element that can not be missed. On daily basis at rollover time (5 pm New York time), you’ll be unable to position trades for a brief period of time (this can rely in your dealer).

The extra vital truth is that near rollover time, the spreads on completely different foreign money pairs will be a lot wider than standard. Within the chart under, you may see Oanda’s historic unfold and you’ll instantly discover that – even on EUR/USD – spreads widen as much as 10 pips.

Historical Spreads EUR/USD

This could make it impractical and dangerous to position trades near rollover time, particularly in the event you use a decent cease loss.  A security precaution is perhaps to commerce as much as half-hour earlier than rollover, or wait till half-hour after rollover. Throughout these occasions there’s hardly any volatility anyway, so ready half-hour shouldn’t make a cloth distinction.

With the rollover hour in thoughts, we have to digress barely and focus on Daylight Financial savings. In the course of the northern hemisphere’s winter, when the U.S. session closes at 17:00 EST, it’s midnight (00:00) in South Africa. When it’s summertime within the northern hemisphere and the U.S. session closes at 17:00 EDT, it’s 23:00 in South Africa.

Subsequently, in South Africa, Forex opens and closes at both 23:00 (between March and November) or 00:00 (between October and March). Typically talking, you shouldn’t be buying and selling throughout these occasions (resulting from decrease volatility and better spreads). However in case you are buying and selling Foreign exchange throughout these occasions, simply hold these changes in thoughts.

Finest Time for Day Buying and selling in South Africa

Figuring out how the 24-hour cycle works, now you can perceive what the very best time to commerce Foreign exchange in South Africa is: the slot between 10:00 and 17:00 SAST (South Africa Commonplace Time).

10:00 SAST is when the London session opens and 17:00 is 2 hours into the U.S. session. That is the primary window the place financial information is launched (at all times influential for intraday and day merchants) and deep liquidity, permitting for optimum buying and selling circumstances.  

It’s throughout these hours that intraday merchants can reap the benefits of the heightened volatility and improve their odds of hitting their revenue targets. The chart under highlights Foreign currency trading classes in South Africa time.

Money Center Activity Time

43% of Foreign exchange transactions are traded in the course of the European session, which makes it a very powerful Foreign currency trading session of the day.

In fact, in case you are not day buying and selling or scalping, then liquidity and time zones will likely be much less of a priority. For swing or place buying and selling (the place you’re in search of setups on the 4H or every day charts) you need to be far more involved with fundamentals, positioning and sentiment, fairly than buying and selling at actual hours. 

As a basic rule, the longer your buying and selling timeframe, the extra weight fundamentals ought to have in your buying and selling plan and the much less weight technical evaluation and time zones can have.

Buying and selling with the Proper Timeframes in South Africa

As we’ve got now understood, residing in South Africa isn’t an obstacle in relation to Foreign currency trading. The important thing then, is to align your most popular buying and selling type with the appropriate timeframe.

In case you are a extra aggressive and lively individual, with much less persistence and the next danger tolerance, you’ll possible be interested in the shorter timeframes. I’d recommend sticking to the 5 or 15-minute frames for execution functions and getting your bias from the 4H chart. Buying and selling intraday will likely be extra technical in nature, however you could additionally hold tabs on the macroeconomic calendar and keep away from buying and selling forward of knowledge releases. One of the best occasions for intraday buying and selling in South Africa are from 10AM to 7PM SAST.

In case you are a extra sedate individual, with extra persistence and decrease danger tolerance, you may wish to commerce from the 4H chart or the every day chart. On this case, the time of day has a lot much less relevance. What carries extra relevance is the macroeconomic background and present sentiment of the instrument you’re buying and selling.  You simply want to pay attention to the every day rollover interval and keep away from buying and selling round that point.

Closing Ideas

South Africa is definitely an honest place to commerce Foreign exchange as a result of the very best buying and selling circumstances coincide with the ten:00-19:00 SAST window. As such, it’s really simpler to commerce Foreign exchange from South Africa than america! Some merchants within the US need to stand up at 3AM with a view to commerce Foreign exchange in the course of the European session – not a cushty time by any means.

One of the best market liquidity, volatility, and buying and selling circumstances are usually skilled in the course of the London session and early U.S. session as a result of a very powerful central banks, massive speculators, international firms, monetary establishments, commodity markets, and inventory markets are lively, all of which may have an effect on the foreign money markets in a significant approach.

One of the best Foreign exchange market hours in South Africa are fairly comfy, so motivated merchants needs to be inspired by this truth.


What time does Forex open and shut in South Africa?

Considering Daylight Financial savings, in South Africa Forex opens and closes at both 23:00 (between March and November) or 00:00 (between October and March).

What are the very best occasions to commerce Foreign exchange in South Africa?

One of the best buying and selling circumstances (which means deep liquidity and respectable volatility) will normally be between 10:00 SAST and 17:00 SAST.

Are you able to commerce Foreign exchange at evening?

Forex is open 24/5, so in fact you may commerce at evening. The higher query is whether or not you’ll wish to commerce at evening. As mentioned earlier within the article, the volatility circumstances and liquidity should not conducive to good buying and selling circumstances and as such, night-time buying and selling is finest prevented.